been workin hard on the new app.

New Features coming in 4D VIEWR APP V.2:

     -Screen Recording / Video Recording + Sharing

     -New GP-MODE (Ground-Plane Real World Placement)

          -(place any 4D Scene on your table)


     -Under the HOOD (New 4D Scene features):

          -Dynamic 4D Scenes (Daily Updates, etc…)

          -Live 4D Weather Info

          -Live 4D Countdowns to Events

     -New 2D Menu:

          -Live Snow/ Ski Reports

          -Live Surf Forecasts

          -2D Maps (City Guides, Hot Spots, Skatepark Search, etc…)

          -Access to Live TV Channels

          -2D Games <—-

          -4D VIEWR store


Anyone who wants to help us fund the operation,

here’s our donate link with all the donate/ buy options:    <———-